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The Dog Bark Inn is a Beagle shaped House that was created by chainsaw artists, Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, in 2003. The couple who made a living from carving folk-style dogs from wood and ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

The Palace of Bubbles is situated on the southwest coast of france. This house was designed by Antti Lovag,who is known for his rebellion against traditional architectural structures. Lovag rethinks ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

The house is suspended on six cement pillars, between which you can park your car, the front steps resemble a staircase that has been lowered from the ship and there are plenty small, square windows ...

Domain: Construction; Category: Architecture

The mushroom house also known as the tree house is located in the hyde park section of Cicinnati,It was designed by architect Terry Brownm a professor of Architecture and interior Design at the ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

This Shell-inspired house located near Mexico city was designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. Senosiain ,who is inspired by the work of Lloyd Wright and Gaudi, built ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

The House is 45 feet in length ,17 feet wide and 25 feet high with two bathrooms , three bedrooms a living room and a kitchen located on five various levels. it has been renovated recently and now ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

The Steel House, in Ransom Canyon, Texas was designed by architect and sculptor Robert Bruno, The unusual looking House that vaguely resembles some type of pig-like creature, took Bruno 23 years to ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

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