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An overview of common pitfalls in English writing while being Dutch.

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Ask an American or British colleague for a beamer and you are bound to receive raised eyebrows. A beamer is slang for a BMW. If a car is not what you require, you will have to use the term (computer) ...

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The Dutch word drop is liquorice or sweets in English and always with an adjective in front: fruit drops or cough drops. Droppings can only be used when you want to talk about dung or manure.

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A monster in the English language is not a sample, which it is in Dutch and confusingly also a monster, as in scary animal. Muddle this up and the result can be both amusing and confusing.

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The term ordinary means usual, of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality. Its synonym is the term common. The almost similar Dutch word 'ordinair' has a slightly more negative connotation and ...

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If you eat something 'uit de hand', you eat it unprocessed, like an apple. If you want to use the image of someone taking a bite, simply say he/she is taking a bite. The English phrase out of hand ...

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Rare in English means infrequently occurring, uncommon, a rare event, excellent, extraordinary. The almost similar Dutch word 'raar' has a slightly negative connotation and means weird, strange.

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The Dutch word registeraccountant, although it sounds English should be translated into charted accountant or registered accountant in the English language.

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