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Phantom is a black and white photo taken by photographer Peter Lik. I was sold for $6.5m in 2014 making it then the most expensive photograph of all time. It also brought up the subject of whether ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Professional photography Collected Term

Joshua Wong is a Hong Kong national and the leader of the student group Scholarism. Wong founded the group in 2011 to protest a Beijing-backed proposal to implement a “patriotic education” curriculum ...

Domain: Politics; Category: International politics Collected Term

"Think Different" was a major advertising campaign that Apple Inc. conducted between 1997 and 2002 to re-launch the company after nearly going bankrupt. In 1997, Steve Jobs was busy trying to save ...

Domain: Advertising; Category: Marketing communications Collected Term

גולף לשים טכניקה המציא, הבריאתן Wie מישל כוכב היכרנו. זה ' זה נקרא סגנון שולחני כי השחקן ' גבו, הוא מקביל לקרקע, בדומה תלוי בראש שולחן ארוחת הבוקר. Wie המציא את הגישה שולחני כי ממוצע שמה שלה ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

Golfa liekot metodi izgudroja un popularizējis LPGA zvaigžņu Michelle Wie. Tas ' s sauc par virs tabulas stilu, jo atskaņotājs ' s atpakaļ ir paralēli zemei, līdzīgi karājas virs brokastu ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

A golf putting technique invented and popularized by LPGA star Michelle Wie. It's called the table-top style because the player's back is parallel to the ground, much like the hanging top of ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

高尔夫推杆技术发明和推广由 LPGA 明星魏圣美。它 ' s 称为表顶部的风格,因为玩家 ' s 背面是平行于地面,很像挂早餐表的顶部。魏圣美发明了表顶部的办法,因为她把平均下降到 119th 在 2012 年 LPGA 巡回赛接管 31 推杆每轮上。意识到那太高,且其他更常规的答案尝试肚皮推杆和爪握后,魏圣美了绝望的措施在决赛中的 2012年迪拜女子大师赛一轮。 魏圣美拍了很多她 ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

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