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SDL Trados is a computer-assisted translation software suite, originally developed by the German company Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL International, a provider of translation management software, content management and language services. It is a very popular translation software that helps translation clients in a great way. The program creates translation memories of the translated texts as they are created by the translator(s). These memories can reproduce words and sentences later to ensure that they are consistent. The memories can be stored and organized according to language pair, and give the information on the specific time the translation unit ("segment") was created and then edited, and the users responsible for the creation/edition. Sources: Wikipedia.org, Translation-blog.trustedtranslations.com.

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SDL Trados 是電腦輔助翻譯軟體套件,最初由 Trados GmbH 德國公司開發的目前可從 SDL International,翻譯管理軟體、 內容管理和語言服務提供者。 這是一個非常受歡迎的翻譯軟體,它説明翻譯客戶的好方法。因為他們由 translator(s) 創建,程式會創建翻譯記憶庫的翻譯文本。這些記憶可以重現單詞和句子以後以確保它們是一致。可以存儲並根據語言對和授予對特定時間翻譯單元 ("部分") 是創建,然後編輯,資訊和負責的創作版的使用者組織記憶。 來源: 為了翻譯-blog.trustedtranslations.com。

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

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